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When you visit our website, the data related to your visiting the website will be recorded in the form of Cookies. This Cookies Policy explains the definition, deployment, and objectives of Cookies as well as how to delete and reject Cookies for your data privacy. By visiting this website, you agree to the terms of our Cookies Policy as follows:

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to record your site visiting data such as date, time, links chosen, pages visited or other settings that are stored on your computer and/or your communication devices such as notebooks, tablets or smartphones through the web browser while you are accessing this site. Cookies do not harm your computers and/or devices. For the following cases, your personal data may be stored to enhance your user experience of our online services by remembering your choice of language and preferences, identifying you, protecting your data privacy and recommending services. Moreover, Cookies are used to count the number of online services, adapt to your preference based on present and previous uses and may be used for promotional purposes.

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How we use Cookies?

In order to record your website visitations and accessing data by enabling better remembering your visiting data and for the data to be used to improve our website to better suit your needs for enhanced user experience thus in some cases we may need to engage third parties to undertake such tasks which may need to use IP Addresses and Cookies to assess, connect and process data for marketing purposes.

Our Cookies are divided into 2 types according to the storage type as follows:

  1. Session Cookies: Are temporary Cookies to remember you while you are visiting our website such as monitoring the language you have selected and may be deleted from your computers or devices when you leave the website or close the browser.
  2. Persistent Cookies: Are Cookies that will persist according to the set time or until you delete them. This type of Cookies will enable the website to remember you and your settings so that when you visit the website again you can you use it more conveniently.

The objectives for the use of Cookies are as follows:

How to manage the Cookies?

Most browsers have a default to accept Cookies, however, you can reject the Cookies or delete the Cookies in the setting of the browser you are using. If you change the setting of your browser, it may affect the features provided on our website. If you wish to change the setting, you can read the details in the below links.

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Please note that, if you choose to close the Cookies on the browser or your devices, it may partially affect the features of the website resulting in you not being able to use the website as normally would.

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